Mini-Concert Sessions

Tonalibus offers open, private, and personal mini-concert sessions. Their prime focus is on soothing upliftment, the meditative and contemplative qualities of music, on relaxation and regeneration of all present, comparable to sound mantras or the sound sample loops of each tonality in the catalogue of anchored tonalities.

Mini-concert sessions will be improvised, based on specific or spontaneous themes, anchored tonalities, and their modulations that fit the moment and individuals present as much as possible; and they may include exercises of attunement, potentially some sound-mantra contemplation or meditation, that all are free to participate in as actively as each wants.

Mini-concert session details

Mini-concert sessions take place in a small private studio about 10 km from Bern, Switzerland and include Ulrico on various string, woodwind, percussion, and keyboard instruments. Public transport comes to within a few minutes walk of the studio. Cars may park on the neighborhood street. Further info will be in your mini-concert session or seat reservation confirmation.

You may request a private or personal mini-concert session at the studio. With special arrangements we exceptionally also consider other locations. Sample private mini-concert session program (pdf).

At times, mini-concert sessions are open to the public (sample open mini-concert session program as pdf). As there are only a few seats available in the studio, reservations are required. There is no charge for admission. A donation basket will be on-site, in case you choose to make a contribution. When offered, you find planned mini-concert session dates on the open mini-concert session seat request screen.

Ulrico in Kiental — Feb. 2020 — photo by Francisco Garcia