Story: Nabelschnur

Philine Harte, doula: The development of the umbilical cord — Die Entwicklung der Nabelschnur

Story and sound about connection, growth, and detachment — Eine Klanggeschichte über Verbindung, Wachstum und Abnabelung

Philine Harte wrote this story about the Nabelschnur (umbilical cord) as final project of her formation and certification as doula through the Malea Lin Doula College of Switzerland. The story is in German. Ulrico provided the sound.

This story and sound appears also on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music / iTunes, and Amazon. Plus, “Umbilical” — sounds in silence is a musical composition derived from its sound recordings.

Story and sound: “Nabelschnur” — 10 chapters, 63 minutes

Story: Nabelschnur
Original painting (detail) by Philine Harte — acryl on canvas