Personal and cooperation sound samples

Here you find personal and cooperation sound samples, spontaneous, original, mostly multi-layered, improvisations by Ulrico, and for cooperation samples with friends as noted. Some of these pieces loop until you stop them or go to another page on the present tab. They can thus be used as sound mantra for meditation or contemplation, for upliftment, focusing, or simply for relaxation and regeneration as soothing background sound.

“Humpbacks breach the surface” — a dreamscape

TetraNa w/ Norcor inversion, Dorian, PentaMin / PentaEol — 8-string guitar and bass — 9:30 — as loop on a separate tab

“चैतन्य Chaitanya — blues”

G# Mixolydian with D# TetraNa / A# Norcor inversionvichitra veena and double 3/4 violin — January 2022 — 9:47 — as loop on a separate tab

“From the future to the present and back”

From G# TetraNA with touches of its F# Upcor inversion progressing to C# Ionian (diatonic major) and back, connecting the far ends and melting contrasts into a unified whole — 8-string guitar — December 2021 — 9:45 — as loop on a separate tab

“Flowing Upward” — calm, uplifting modulation path

8-string guitar — March 2021 — 13:24 soundscape — under Spring 2021 available as loop with modulation specs

“Over- and Under-Tone Presents”

Triple fujara and tenor recorder — March 2021 — 2:31 — under Spring 2021 available as loop

“BlueMix Syntropy” — blues mix in BlueMix tonality

BlueMix — multiple 8-string guitar — January 2021 — 5:54 — under Winter 2020-2021 available as loop — related Spiritualibus blog post “For good and soul

“Phrygian HU” — a meditative blues

Multiple 8-string guitar, voice, crotales, tampura — May 2022 — 10:20 — as loop on a separate tab

“Courage it takes” — a linguistic audio medley

Quadruple canonic quadri-lingual voice, English, German, French, Italian — February 2022 — 2:53 — text in Spiritualibus blog post “Courage it takes” (language selection via flag on left bottom)

“As God Realizes the Moment” — in memory of Billy

8-string guitar, multiple fujara, tenor recorder, and voice — May 2020 — 2:26 soundscape
IMG_2850 xc z
Birch and beyond, the horizon of the majestic Alps — near Grächwil/Meikirch, Switzerland — March 2020