Winter 2021-2022

Personal sound samples from winter 2021-2022

Below you find personal sound samples from winter 2021-2022. They are spontaneous, original improvisations and soundscapes by Ulrico on various instruments, multi-layered or single track.

The beginning of a new year — early 2022

“Clearing mist at dawn” — a meditative sound sample

LydReach / NaReach — 8-string guitar and tanpura — February 2022 — 3:58 — as loop on a separate tab

“With the pulse of life” — a lively dance

LydReach / NaReach — 8-string guitar and big gong — February 2022 — 2:31 — as loop on a separate tab

“Guggisbärg-Melodie, live” — QuBa concert recording

MinReach (harmonic minor) — 8-string guitar — February 2022 — 3:23 as loop on a separate tab

“Blessings may be, live” — QuBa concert recording

Ionian (diatonic major), TetraNa inversion Norcor on quint’s quint — fretted vichitra veena, plus tanpura — February 2022 — 4:30 — as loop on a separate tab

“無為 Wu wei — contemplation”

Meditative sound sample — multiple fujara (bass) — February 2022 — 3:35 — as loop on a separate tab

“Courage it takes” — a linguistic audio medley

Quadruple canonic quadri-lingual voice, English, German, French, Italian — February 2022 — 2:53 — text in Spiritualibus blog post “Courage it takes” (language selection via flag on left bottom)

“चैतन्य Chaitanya — blues”

G# Mixolydian with D# TetraNa / A# Norcor inversion vichitra veena and double 3/4 violin — January 2022 — 9:47 — as loop on a separate tab

“Blue courage” — a Dorian mode blues medley

Dorian — 8-string guitar, singing saw, tingsha cymbals, crotales, gongs, and voice — January 2022 — 5:08 — as loop on a separate tab

Early winter 2021-2022 — late 2021

“From the future to the present and back”

From G# TetraNa with touches of its F# Upcor inversion progressing to C# Ionian (diatonic major) and back, connecting the far ends and melting contrasts into a unified whole — 8-string guitar — December 2021 — 9:45 — as loop on a separate tab

“Inversion progression, from here to there and back”

TetraNa inversion Norcor, progression to Dorian via PentaMinLa / PentaBal and back — 8-string guitar, bass, Tibetan (tingsha) cymbal pair — December 2021 — 7:26 — as loop on a separate tab

“The far side where opposites unite” — and the circles close

TetraNa/Pro & Reg — double 8-string guitar, bass, voice — November 2021 — 6:39 — as loop on a separate tab

“Reawakening” — pick up where you left off

HexaNaTriMin — 8-string guitar, gong, singing saw — November 2021 — 3:52 — as loop on a separate tab

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation. This can help with upliftment, purification, and focusing. Or it could simply be used as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration. If you care to hum, chant, or sing along, you could do so using a spiritually charged syllable like HU or Ōṁ / Aum ॐ, or another mantra syllable that suits you.

Winter 2021-2022
Sunset beauty with a fiery glow — December 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland