April 2023 sounds

Personal and cooperation sounds from April 2023

Below you find personal and cooperation sounds from April 2023. They are spontaneous, original improvisations and soundscapes by Ulrico on various instruments, multi-layered or single track, plus cooperation pieces with other musicians as noted.

“Living drops of glacial melt water” — live concert recording

Mixolydian — fujara and a touch of medium gong — 3:09

“Living echoes in relative silence” — live concert recording

IonAeolian / ClusterBal (melodic minor / Aelian dominant) — 8-string guitar, singing saw, voice, large gong — 10:33

“Ophiuchus alive” — living serpent bearer — live concert recording

ReachMix — fretted vichitra veena, tanpura, large gong — 5:18

“Ophiuchus” — the serpent bearer

ReachMix — fretted vichitra veena, tanpura, large gong — 10:00

“Wo bischt? — Où es-tu ? — Dove sei? — Where are you? — Wo bist du?”

Swiss, English, French, Italian, German — spoken word — 4:50 — text in blog post “Wo bischt?

“Living sound travel far out” — live concert recording

Core tonal [C#-D-E-F/[F#]-G-G#]-[A#-C-C#] — Nepali cymbals, sound bowls, crotales, gongs — 6:48

“Spring sunbeam chirping”

TetraNa+ (natural harmonics) — selje flute, medium gong — 3:50

“Blue glacial melt water” — soundscape

Phrygian on E, Mixolydian on G, PentaProLa/PentaIon on D — double 7-string guitar, fujara, tenor recorder, gongs — 12:57

“Once upon a time” — again and still on the way — for T

Phrygian on E — 6-string guitar, 7-string guitar, small gong — 5:09

“Future past lives” — a heartfelt blues memory revived

Phrygian on E — double 6-string guitar — 5:15
April 2023 sounds
Glowing skies, sunrise, and big tree starting to sprout — April 2023 — Grächwil, Switzerland