January 2023 sounds

Personal and cooperation sounds from January 2023

Below you find personal and cooperation sounds from January 2023. They are spontaneous, original improvisations and soundscapes by Ulrico on various instruments, multi-layered or single track, plus cooperation pieces with other musicians as noted.

“Harmonic two-way challenge” — CorMaj / LoloReachLyd contemplation

CorMaj / LoloReachLyd — 8-string guitar — 11:48 — as loop on a separate tab

“Surprises welcome” — glimpse around the corner

LocorNa / LocorMin — 8-string guitar — 4:20 — as loop on a separate tab

“Doula’s song and silence” — for a new generation

ReachMin (Phrygian dominant) — voice by Philine Harte, double 8-string guitar by Ulrico — 4:06

“Dear doula” — room for silence

TetraNa with a touch of PentaBluNa — 8-string guitar and large gong — 6:51

“Pulse of an emerging blue heart” — first step into a new year

PentaMin / PentaEol (pentatonic minor) — multiple 8-string guitar — 6:13
January 2023 sounds
Ulrico by the bay with castle and chapel — 2022 — Spiez, Switzerland