July-August 2023 sounds

Personal and cooperation sounds from July-August 2023

Below you find personal and cooperation sounds from July-August 2023. They are spontaneous, original improvisations and soundscapes by Ulrico on various instruments, multi-layered or single track, plus cooperation pieces with other musicians as noted.

Sounds of August 2023

“कुम्भक Kumbhaka” — between in and out, out and in — for M-A

ReachBal (double harmonic/Gypsy major) on G# — fretted vichitra veena, lap slide guitar, conch, tanpura — 8:54

“Calmly breathe in, out, and in again” — Kumbhaka base

ReachBal (double harmonic/Gypsy major) on G# — fretted vichitra veena and tanpura — 5:22

“Pulsating through life” — lead on!

HexaMin on G# w/a touch Aeolian — 5-string guitar, lap slide guitar, bass, conch — 4:00

“Go with God” — a final blessing — in memory of Stivensky

LoloReachMin derivative w/7+ on D, octatonality — 5-string guitar, selje flute, tingsha cymbals, tanpura — 7:23

“Balancing up and down” — extensive calm

LoloReachMin on D — 8-string guitar & tanpura — 3:58

Sounds of July 2023

“Calling the divine” — hearts connect directly

TetraNa, LoloReachMin on D — 5-string guitar, selje flute, voice — 6:42

“July 2023 Fideris sound journey” — live concert recordings

with Ursula Huggenberger, Karin Gsöllpointner, and Ulrico — on a separate page

July-August 2023 sounds
Summer sunset reflections behind a willow tree — July 2023 — Ipsach, Lake Biel, Switzerland