Sept-Oct 2023 sounds

Personal and cooperation sounds from Sept-Oct 2023

Below you find personal and cooperation sounds from Sept-Oct 2023. They are spontaneous, original improvisations and soundscapes by Ulrico on various instruments, multi-layered or single track, plus cooperation pieces with other musicians as noted.

Sounds of October 2023

“Starlight before dawn” — gentle blue heart mix — for M-D

CorMix on F# — 8-string guitar, tingsha cymbal pair, faint tanpura — 3:44

“Das Mülirad isch broche, Simelibärg!” — go in peace — for KHT

ReachMin / Phrygian dominant on C# — 8-string guitar, lap slide guitar, bass, voice, gong — 9:00

Sounds of September 2023

“Among suns, moons, and stars” — a hopeful blues

MinBlue on G — 5-string guitar, lap slide guitar, gong, tanpura — 8:40

“Ma Sa Papa” — hearts long for peace

MinReach (harmonic minor) on F# — 5-string guitar and crotales — 7:22
Sept-Oct 2023 sounds
Majestic Bernese summits Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau — September 2023 — Männlichen, Switzerland