Tonalibus playlists offer free continual listening and downloading of individual pieces. The album Tonalibus A, B, & C was released in July 2021 on major global music platforms. The below playlist “Tonalibus A” features its pieces from 2020, “B” from early 2021, and “C” from mid 2021. The playlist and album Cooperation A (released in February 2022) presents recordings with Christina Braun (voice) from 2020 through early 2022, mostly from 2021. The playlist “Tonalibus D” contains sounds from late 2021 and beginning 2022, “E” from early spring 2022. And the playlist “Tonalibus F” starts in late spring 2022. More is likely to follow. This is a work in progress — accumulating like snow on a high mountain. Tune in and enjoy!

So many colors of reality — so far: 5 pieces, ca. 49½ minutes

Freedom of sound and harmony — 15 pieces, 88 minutes

High mountains on fire, light, and sound — 12 pieces, 72 minutes

Cooperation of Christina Braun & Ulrico — 14 pieces, 74 minutes

Riding the wave’s crest — 10 pieces, 68 minutes

Relishing the present — 9 pieces, 45 minutes

Creative joy of a new life — 12 pieces, 39 minutes

A Symphony of life and love (excerpts) — 8 pieces, 47 minutes

A Symphony of Life and Love from 2014 is available in its entirety as CD. More Info.

High mountains on fire

Every day so many new surprises and miracles — December 2021 — view of the Alps from Grächwil, Switzerland