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  • A spiritual being
    A spiritual being With a goal to be Beyond all duality Implying in or out Thus still very dual …
  • Tonality of the month: PentaBluNaLa
    The tonality of the month of December 2023 is PentaBluNaLa — the most recent addition to the Tonalibus catalogue — a partially anchored basic pentatonality and prime Na tonality. The name PentaBluNaLa indicates that this is a pentatonality based on initial Na(tural) harmonics including the Blu(esy) minor third…
  • November 2023 Tonalibus update
    This November 2023 Tonalibus update announces new Sounds and additions to Playlist L. Plus it highlights the completion of individual Pentatonality selection in the Fidibus shop to systematically form personal tonalities for one’s own compositions and eventually personal sound mantras. Further, this update touches on the recent integration of another tonality…
  • What else matters?
    What else matters? The sound is loud The light is bright The divine is present …
  • What if you love people
    What if you love people But let go of organization Found misrepresentation In projections and actions …

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  • Crazed into a spell
    Crazed into a spell Of one view only To the exclusion Of everyone else …
  • Total honesty
    Total honesty Within and out Turns invincible To the extent Of realization …
  • I hold my promise
    I hold my promise Thanks for inviting But my freedom is Outside of temples Especially of dogma That’s limiting clearly …

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Spiritualibus blog posts are about harmony in the present moment, in music, and in life overall — rooted in spiritual freedom. You find more on this blog’s focus on the Spiritualibus page under About.
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Sun setting, going down to come up again another day — Eriz, Switzerland — June 2020