Clarification of Purpose

“A being receives true value by the fact that it is able to shine in its own light as a result of its contact with the depths of the fundamental essence of existence. … Genuine light does not first need the recognition of people, indeed it is almost ashamed of its radiance.”
— from the introduction of the
Tao Te Ching 道德经 by Lao Tzu (1972 Diederichs edition, p. 20)

Clarification of purpose

As stated on the start page, the purpose of Tonalibus is to provide an overview and reference of anchored tonalities and their inherent harmonic qualities for practical use — to touch, uplift, purify, and heal, as an expression of the inexpressible — to reach beyond duality.

The focus of Tonalibus is on the qualities of sound, harmony, and tonalities – in music and also in life. The aim is to grasp, express, and share such to the best of my abilities. To display artistic excellence is not what I, Ulrico, am after. Nor is it to claim futile proprietary notions or mastery in such contexts. Sound and harmony are universal qualities accessible to and shared freely among all.

As clarification of purpose, my personal hope and aim with Tonalibus is simply to provide a useful reference of tonalities, as well as to potentially inspire and motivate you to look at and work in your own individual ways with sound and harmony, anchored in spiritual freedom. After all, this is what can and does carry me from moment to moment, every day!

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