HexaCorMix — a Core tonality and hexatonality

Harmonic visuals

Tonalibus 2e-7 hexa – 2021-08 – 53x
Tonalibus 2e-7 hexa – 2021-08 – 54x
Tonalibus 2e-7 hexa – 2021-08 – 55x
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Tonalibus 2e-7 hexa - 2021-08 - 53x
Tonalibus 2e-7 hexa - 2021-08 - 54x
Tonalibus 2e-7 hexa - 2021-08 - 55x
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Scale and sound samples

1) HexaCorMix — plain scale — 15 seconds
2) HexaCorMix — embellished scale — 29 seconds
3) HexaCorMix — short sound sample, rhythmic — 96 seconds
4) HexaCorMix — short sound sample, calm — 81 seconds
5) HexaCorMix — extra sound sample, calm — 122 seconds

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation, for upliftment and focusing, or simply as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration.


  • Hexatonality matrix: The octave generally includes one Reach step, four whole steps, and a single half step (or semitone). Two or three (or exceptionally all four) whole steps appear consecutively. Thus there are two pairs of consecutive whole steps or a trio plus a single. They are framed by the half step on one side and the Reach step on the other. Exceptionally there can be two Reach, two whole, and two half steps. Plus there is one case with three Reach and three half steps.
  • HexaCorMix: The name indicates that this is a Core and hexatonality with the top being DorMixolydian. As Core tonality it is cross-anchored and includes all four corners of the sound temple.
  • Step pattern: Ascending from the fundamental (tonic or Do), two consecutive Reach steps lead to a half step. Then comes a whole and another half step. Finally a whole step leads up to the octave.
  • Scale intervals: Minor third, tritone, quint, major sixth, and minor seventh.
  • Tetrachords: The lower tetrachord is PentaBlue and upper is DorMixolydian.
  • Harmonic axes: There are two axes, which are vertical and horizontal, N-S and E-W.
  • Primary harmonic anchors: All four primary anchors are present with their heads. In addition, the fundamental or North anchor and the East anchor, besides their head, each also have their right leg.
  • Secondary harmonic anchors: There are no secondary anchors.
  • All four corners of the sound temple. The quint strengthens the fundamental and the minor seventh provides a minor touch. These two bridge to and anchor in a more common sense of harmony.
  • Moduation potential: Hexatonalities can facilitate modulations. HexaCorMix is closely related to other cross-anchored tonalities, especially ReachUpMix, LoReachUpMix, BlueMix, and PentaCor.