PentaCor — a Core tonality and basic pentatonality

Harmonic visuals

Tonalibus 2f-8 penta – 2021-04 – 43
Tonalibus 2f-8 penta – 2021-04 – 44
Tonalibus 2f-8 penta – 2021-04 – 45
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Tonalibus 2f-8 penta - 2021-04 - 43
Tonalibus 2f-8 penta - 2021-04 - 44
Tonalibus 2f-8 penta - 2021-04 - 45
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Scale and sound samples

1) PentaCor — plain scale — 14 seconds
2) PentaCor — embellished scale — 23 seconds
3) PentaCor — short sound sample, rhythmic — 74 seconds
4) PentaCor — sound sample, calm — 2:17
5) PentaCor — extra sound sample, calm — 3:18
6) PentaCor — short sound sample, calm — 41 seconds

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation, for upliftment and focusing, or simply as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration.


  • Pentatonality matrix: The octave of a regular pentatonality includes two Reach steps, three whole steps, and no half step (or semitone). One or two consecutive whole steps frame and separate the two Reach steps. A clustered pentatonality has two consecutive Reach steps and three consecutive whole steps. Some further basic pentatonalities contain three Reach steps, at least two of them consecutive. And extended pentatonalities include a double whole step plus one or two Reach steps.
  • PentaCor: The name indicates that this is a pentatonic version of a Core tonality. It is cross-anchored and includes all four corners of the sound temple.
  • Step pattern: Ascending from the fundamental (tonic or Do), two consecutive Reach steps lead to a half step. Then comes a whole step. Finally another Reach step leads up to the octave.
  • Scale intervals: Minor third, tritone, quint, and major sixth.
  • Tetra- and trichords: The lower tetra- or trichord is PentaBlue and the upper is PentaMaj.
  • Harmonic axes: There are two axes, which are vertical and horizontal, N-S and E-W.
  • Primary harmonic anchors: All four primary anchors are present with their heads only, except for the fundamental or North anchor that in addition to its head also has its right leg.
  • Secondary harmonic anchors: There are no secondary anchors.
  • All four corners of the sound temple plus the quint that strengthens the fundamental and anchors in a more common sense of harmony.
  • Penta- to hepta- and hexatonality correlation: PentaCor is equivalent to HexaCorMix and HexaCorMaj without a seventh. PentaCor is closely related to other cross-anchored tonalities like ReachUpMix, ReachUpMaj, LoReachUpMix and BlueMix.